Dress Code adherence will be checked daily by teachers and administrators.  Students are expected to remain in Dress Code clothing at all times while on campus, including before school and after school unless other permission is obtained from an administrator.

In order to promote a safe, disciplined, and academically rigorous environment where students   may attain their educational and personal goals, MCPA has adopted a policy of uniform dress.  MCPA dress code is intended to be strict enough to support the educational goals, vision, and standards upheld by the school, yet not so restrictive that families will find it difficult to abide by.

The purpose of the uniform policy is:

  1.  To promote an atmosphere conducive to serious academic study and educational partnership.
  2. To minimize the distractions and disruptions of education often caused by clothing fads and fashions and the social divisions resulting therefrom.
  3. To aid school employees in the identification of intruders who might pose a threat to school safety.
  4. To unify students in educational pursuits and generate a feeling of school spirit.


  1. Collared shirts, polo shirts, henley style shirts, blouses and t-shirts are approved.  Sweaters, hoodies, and light jackets are permitted.  The hood on jackets and hoodies are not to be worn up in the school.
  2. Emblems are allowed.  No skulls, no drug, no alcohol, no gang references, no swearing, and no pornography references will be allowed.
  3. T-shirts and pull over sweatshirts are permitted.
  4. Bare shoulders and midriffs are not allowed.
  5. Sleeves are to be no shorter than a cap sleeve.
  6. Shirts are to be modest.  Undershirts must be worn under low tops.
  7. See through shirts are not permitted.

Pants, shorts and skirts

  1.  Approved pants include dress pants, slacks, cords, cargo style and blue jeans.
  2. Pants, shorts and skirts are to be worn at the hip at all times.
  3. Shorts, skirts are to be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee when worn without leggings.
  4. If wearing leggings, the top/shirt must be fingertip length.
  5. Colored denim is acceptable.
  6. Sweats, track pants, warm ups, sports shorts, or pajama pants are not permitted.
  7. Pants, skirts and shorts must be hemmed at the bottom with no frayed edges and no holes.


  1.  Shoes are to be kept in overall good condition with no holes or rips.
  2. Flip flops are not permitted.

Additional dress code guidelines

  1. Students must adhere to the dress code during school hours except under special circumstances that will be determined by the administration.
  2. Students must present a modest, clean, neat appearance at all times.  All clothing must be clean, appropriately sized, and correctly worn.  Clothing must be worn right side out.  No torn or ripped clothing is permitted.
  3. Hair must be kept neat, groomed and clean cut.  Radical or outlandish hair styles and irregular hair colorings not (any color that does not occur naturally) are not permitted.  This is to be determined by administration.
  4. Hats may not be worn except for religious or medical reasons and must be approved by administration.
  5. Make up must be appropriate for school.  This is determined by the administration.
  6. No skulls, drug/alcohol/gang/swearing/pornography references.
  7. No gauges.


Ameritus Dress

This is a best dress, professional outfit and will be required for special occasions and events.  For example, when we have guest speakers come to the school for Ameritus Assemblies, Ameritus Dress will be required.  Other activities requiring Ameritus Dress might be guest visits to other schools, game days, and fine art events.

Ameritus Day is regularly scheduled for the last Thursday of every month, unless otherwise notified by Administration.

  1.  Khaki/tan or navy blue slacks or skirts.  (No colored denim, cargo pants, capri’s or shorts.)
  2.  White button up shirt, turtle neck or blouse.  (Blouse definition: a loose fitting garment covering from the neck to the waistline, with or without a collar.)
  3. Navy blue or maroon blazer, dress jacket, sweater, cardigan or vest.  (No coats or athletic jackets.)
  4. Tie or scarf, primarily maroon or navy blue.
  5. Black or brown dress shoes


Formal Wear Events – Homecoming, Prom and Sweetheart’s Dance

  1.  All formal wear must conform with Merit dress Standards.
  2. All will wear semi-formal attire, formal gowns or pantsuits.
  3. Suits or sport coats are encouraged to be worn, but at a minimum, they are expected to wear formal wear.  This includes Slacks, nice shoes, and a nice shirt.  Ties are encouraged, but are not required.
  4. Sleeves must be at least 2 inch in width.  No spaghetti straps or strapless dresses.
  5. Necklines cannot be low cut in the front or the back.  The front of the dress must not fall below your arm pit line.  The back of the dress must not fall below the point of a shoulder blade.
  6. Skirts must reach to at least the fingertips when the arms are hanging down by the sides, front and back.  This also applies to slits in dresses.  Dress must also be the appropriate length even if leggings are worn underneath the dress.
  7. Dresses may not be extremely tight or form fitting.  Be aware of the material that gathers and rises when you walk.
  8. The following will not be permitted
    1.  Two piece formal gowns or pants and a top where the midriff is showing.
    2. Dresses with revealing cut outs.
    3. See through gowns.  This includes sheer/mesh overlays that do not have material underneath.
    4. Shorts.
    5. Torn clothing.

If your attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to administrators beforehand to determine if it is dance appropriate.  The determination of the appropriateness of student dress and grooming shall rest with the director/assistant director.

Students and their dates who are non-compliant with the dress code will not be admitted to the dance or will be escorted out of the dance.  No refunds will be given for dance dress code infractions in which these students are asked to leave.