Mission Statement

Merit College Preparatory Academy will endow all students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in higher education and with the understanding essential for civic and social responsibility.


At Merit we work to inspire young men and young women to develop meaningful skills and attitudes enabling them to engage in 21st century challenges and opportunities.


We recognize the world is changing.  We are helping our students prepare for success in college and career through developing 21st Century Skills and Attitudes.  We achieve this by implementing what we call Project Based Learning.  Instead of just lecture and test taking, our students and teachers are constantly asking questions about what they are really interested in and how to have impact in the community and world.  They do not focus on what the curriculum and state standards say, they focus on how to make those standards come to life.

School Spirit, Identity and Theme:

  • Merit has chosen the Knight as its emblem.
  • Each student will be identified as a “Knight” of Merit Academy.
  • School spirit, identity, and being a Merit Knight will be based on principles of honor, honesty, service, friendship, courtesy, courage, team building, fellowship, dedication, and fair play.
  • All elements of the school and its extra-curricular activities will be based on the above principles and the school will feature a theme of famous knights and well known legends in so far as they are found to be inoffensive.
  • The central theme and the principles that will be associated with being a Merit Knight will provide the foundation for a strong identity and structure for each student to develop a sense of belonging and pride in their achievements at the school and in their service to the community.
  • The Student Council will be referred to as the Round Table Council. Students who are elected will become “Knights of the Round Table” and will have responsibilities that include meeting with administrators and counseling staff as student liaisons, providing feedback to administrators, committees, and clubs for school activities, promoting school activities, publishing a student newsletter, graduation planning, and other appropriate responsibilities.
  • The principles and theme will foster a strong and positive personal philosophy and attitude in every student.