Charter Mission Statement:

Merit College Preparatory Academy will prepare all students to achieve their highest potential as citizens in society by developing the knowledge and skills required to excel in higher education and by developing the knowledge and skills required for community leadership and social commitment.


School Vision Statement:

At Merit we work to inspire young men and young women to develop meaningful skills and attitudes enabling them to engage in real world challenges and opportunities.

Foundational Skills and Attitudes:

Excellence – Innovation – Achievement


We want our students prepared for their journey to change the world in positive and meaningful ways that are unique to them; big or small, local or global!

Foundational Skills and Attitudes we strive to help our students develop:


  1. Excellence (Work Ethic, Leadership, Mastery, Reflection, Critique and Revision, Experts, Research – deep – sustained inquiry, Literate in Classical and Quality Literature, Diligence, Discipline, Belonging, Self-Discipline, Integrity, Character, Persistence, Enthusiasm)
  2. Innovation (Creativity, Divergent thinking – a lot of alternatives, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Real World)
  3. Achievement (College and Career readiness, Personal Responsibility, High Quality Products, Public Products, Confidence, Management, Competitions, Performances, Personal Passion or Mission – Student Voice, Real World Problems, Authentic Audiences)


Students who become…or are preparing to become:

Entrepreneurs, Artists, Musicians, Athletes (Individual and Team), Researches,

Engineers and Inventors, Authors, Scientists, Mothers and Fathers,

Teachers and Preachers, Mechanics and Builders, and Entrepreneurs.


Merit Employee’s use project based learning and other evidence based instructional strategies to help us meet our mission and vision. We have a strong culture of professional development and openly work to take our teaching and mentoring to new levels.