Project Based Learning Curriculum

In order to develop meaningful skills and attitudes for our students, our curriculum:

  • will follow the Utah State Core Curriculum in all subject areas.
  • will enhance the State Core with real-world experiences for each student and not just real-world examples, but a real-world project that both contextualizes the information and matters to the community outside the campus: projects that have real-world importance.
  • Each student will be assigned a Teacher-Mentor, who they will see Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. That Teacher-Mentor will follow up with their current grades, courses, goals and achievements.
  • Students will be able to specialize 6.5 of their credits toward their own interests.
  • Junior Seminar will focus on what it really takes to get into college, including how to write an effective application letter, where to find grants, what colleges are looking for, the interview, teaching and research opportunities, ACT & SAT Prep, When to Apply, etc.


Graduation Requirements

Language Arts: 4 Credits

  • English 9 – 1 credit
  • English 10 – 1 credit
  • English 11 – 1 credit
  • English Elective – 1 credit

Mathematics: 3 Credits*

Students must earn a total of 3.0 math credits from the following foundation courses:

  • Secondary Math I
  • Secondary Math II
  • Secondary Math III

Students may opt out of Secondary Math III with parent/legal guardian request. If an  opt out is requested, the third math credit shall come from the advanced and applied courses on the Utah State Board approved mathematics list.

Other students who successfully complete a foundation course before the ninth grade shall still earn 3.0 units of credit by taking other foundation courses or additional courses from the advanced and applied Utah State Board approved mathematics list consistent with the student’s SEOP.

*A student who successfully completes a Calculus course has completed mathematics graduation requirements, regardless of the number of mathematics credits earned.


Foreign Language: 2 Credits

2 Credits from the same foreign language course are required.


Science: 3 Credits

Students must earn at minimum 2.0 science credits from the following foundation courses:

  • Earth Systems
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Additional credit of science can come from the foundation courses or from the advanced and applied courses on the Utah State Board approved science list.

Social Studies: 3 Credits

Students must earn a total of 3.0 credits in social studies from the following courses:

  • .5 credit Geography
  • .5 credit Civilization
  • 1.0 credit US History
  • .5 credit US Government and Citizenship
  • .5 Social Studies Elective


Health/PE: 2 Credits

Students must earn 2.0 credits in Health/PE from the following courses:

  • .5 credit Health
  • .5 credit Fitness for Life
  • .5 credit Participation Skills
  • .5 credit Individualized Lifetime Activities or Team Sport/Athletic participation


Directed Course Work: 4 Credits

Students must earn  4 credits from the following courses:

  • .5 credits Computer Technology
  • 1.0 credit CTE (Career and Tech. Education)
  • .5 credit Junior Seminar
  • .5 credit Ameritus Service Knights
  • 1.5 credit Fine Arts
  • .5 General Financial Literacy


General Electives: 4 Credits

Students must earn 4 credits of electives. These can include core classes that exceed the requirements.

Total Credits: 25


Fine Arts Curriculum

Merit offers a variety of courses, activities and programs that promote a balanced lifestyle and help students to prepare for college.  Merit offers a strong fine-arts program that will include:

  • Audition Groups
  • Band
  • Orchestra
  • Choir
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Beginning Art
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Art History
  • Photography
  • Music Theory

More Importantly, we encourage students to produce their own works and will provide showcases for them.

Other Curricular Offerings

  • Yearbook
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Business Education
  • Foreign Languages including:
    • Spanish
    • German
    • American Sign Language
  • Financial Literacy
  • Study Skills & Organization