At Merit College Preparatory Academy or vision is to inspire young men and young women to develop meaningful skills and attitudes enabling them to engage in 21st century challenges and opportunities.

We recognize the world is changing.  We are helping our students prepare for success in college and career through developing 21st Century Skills and Attitudes.  We achieve this by implementing what we call Project Based Learning.  Instead of just lecture and test taking our students and teachers are constantly asking questions about what they are really interested in and how to have impact in the community and world.  They do not focus on what the curriculum and state standards say, they focus on how to make those standards come to life.

Your students learning can really go to the next level.  We do not want to waste your students time!  They can do investigative sciences and be on a science demo team.  They can act and perform in one or more music and drama groups.  They can participate in a number of our many sports teams.  They can make their art come alive in sidewalk chalk competitions.  Why just study history when you can make it come alive and present it in our history fairs?  How about writing; why not compete in an essay competition or do poetry jams?  Do you love math?  We will let your student move as fast as they want through the curriculum and then find ways to apply it to real world situations.  We want to give your student the opportunity to solve problems and address issues that are important to him or her.

21st Century Skill and Attitudes taught at Merit:

  • Innovation – Creativity, Divergent and Alternative Thinking
  • Excellence – Leadership, Mastery, Reflection, Critique and Revision, Expertise, Research, Deep and Sustained Inquiry
  • Notable Achievements – College and Career, Personal Responsibility, High Quailty Products, Public Product, Confidence
  • Problem Solving – Critical Thinking, Communication, Collboration, Real World Problem Solving
  • Authentic Audiences – Motivation, Competitions, Performances, Personal Passion or Mission, Student Voice, Real World Problems
  • Work Ethic – Foundational Principles, Courage, Classical Literature